• Moving to West End

    March 2, 2018



    After 14 fabulous years on Brunswick Street New Farm, we are moving to the other side of the river, West End. The last day of trading on Brunswick street is Saturday 7th April. Stay tune for the next exciting new chapter of Ari Jewellery!

    Ari Jewellery
  • Thira Collection

    February 10, 2015



    The Thira collection of jewellery and ceramics is inspired by my travels to Greece last year. It is a theme that I will be exploring for a while because there is so much more to say through making! Blue is a colour one sees everywhere in Greece from the ubiquitous Greek flag, to the sea, church cupolas, the ever present mati (evil eye) and the sky of course. I came away from Santorini lusting after those beautiful chalky blues seen on all domed churches clustered around the caldera. I’ve tried to replicate those colours, textures and forms with glaze on porcelain and through soft geometric forms in ceramics and metal. It’s very hard for me to articulate just how much I loved travelling through this part of Greece instead I will let the pictures do the talking.

    Ari Jewellery
  • A favourite always

    December 15, 2014


    Sterling silver, solid, blob rings with super flat top, set with a 2mm diamond adds just enough sparkle $399.

    Ari Jewellery
  • Ari featured in ‘Daily Imprint’

    November 4, 2014


    Thrilled to be featured in Natalie Walton’s ‘Daily Imprint’ blog.

    Daily Imprint

    Ari Jewellery
  • Geophyllia

    August 6, 2014


    Geophyllia is the title of my upcoming painting show at Edwina Corlette Gallery. Opening 30 September until 10 October 2014.

    Ari Jewellery
  • Commemorative

    May 13, 2014


    The sentimental and commemorative value that jewellery holds is undeniably one of the main reasons we are so attached to these objects. Jewellery stays in the family and often has matriarchal lineage. Hand engraving is a beautiful way to capture an image on metal. My olive branches, birds, boats, anchors and byzantine crosses are engraved by Duncan Vickers.

    Ari Jewellery
  • Playdough

    May 13, 2014


    These rings are shaped by hand like playdough but using a soft wax. It’s liberating to be able to sculpt something using very few tools, making it handy when travelling. Working with wax can be tricky and difficult to control, but it is responsive as well, very much like clay. Once the wax is complete it is cast into silver or gold using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The level of detail achieved is fantastic, so much so that I have to file off my imprinted fingerprints. The results are rings that have that dug up unique quality.

    Ari Jewellery
  • Paper chains

    March 25, 2014


    A symbol of connectedness and playfulness these paper chains are inspired by the paper chains we all made as children. Three oversized links are finished off with a long leather link.

    Ari Jewellery
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